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JYJ’s Yuchun makes comeback early in his new drama shooting.

Yuchun oppa makes an early comeback after his dad passed away and the ceremony held in March 16, 2012. his new highly anticipated drama “Rooftop Prince” will airing at March 21, 2012 in SBS. Yuchun oppa plays role of Crown Princess Lee Gak who coming to the future to looking for his Crown Princess who died with mysterous way.

hope the translation is fast!!!! XD

some pikku for you…. Yuchun oppa long hair!! so handsome!! XD




120317 Junsu Twitter Update

It really feels like everything passed like a storm during the last 2 weeks.. Like a sunnier day comes, Father give us the courage.. Yoochun who is filming again.. and Jajoongie hyung who is more worn out these days.. and me.. Let’s cheer up everyone!!

Like I always did..Let’s laugh away…^^People say there is nothing more difficult than being loved by everyone..If so, we must be walking in the right path..right? (T/N: the literal translation is “we must be walking pretty well..right?) Woorie Jaeoongie hyung..and woorie Yoochun.. Let’s work just a bit more harder..just a little bit more. Woorie members, I love you and am always thankful to you~

Full credit: JYJ3

wuuaah… this is so much much happy..!! Junsu updating us, fans, with his Twitter..and, why I put this first? cause this tweet is full of courage words and positif view and thinking.. so.. I wanna people stay strong after the strom and make yourself happy..

me too. Im going this hard time of mine, and I wanna strong and capable like my idol, JYJ!!

first statement

ehem ehem ehem.. cough cough.. attention please!! kekeke

*padahal yang baca ajah juga saya sendiri, atau anda juga??* wkwkwk…

pertama: blog ini saya dedikasikan untuk semua bias saya di Kpop, yaitu Jaejoong, Yongguk, Jiyeon and Jello. hehehe.. dan semua hal yang saya sukai di Kpop. jadi..semoga saya bisa aktif di blog saya.

dan juga, keknya bakal masukin FF yang spesial rate 19+ karena saya suka…wwkwkw.. pokoknya nieh blog bakal aku bikin se-menyenangkan mungkin. semoga bisa selalu update… dan bisa jadi archive di internet, semua yang aku suka.. hhm..


are you ready? start!!!


activated mode: ON!!

saya harus update terus blog saya tercinta ini!! dengan BAP, dengan T-ara and always stay with BAP!!!

this morning song

JYJ from the Beginning album

Just be my baby..baby..baby..baby…baby..


its sooo right song for cloudy day like this in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.. Do you know Yogyakarta, Indonesia?? Yeah, I live there and I will posting some article about my Yogyakarta.. ah! if you know about Prambanan Temple, you would know a part of Yogyakarta.. ^^

I hope all have a good day, and keep the faith of JYJ…

There is never an End, There is only A Beginning.
~ Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu of JYJ ~

my first writing….

anyeoong haseoo yorobun… ^^

selamat siang semuanyaa!!

perkenalkan nama saya Okki Candr sedang berada dalam the State of Galau.. hahaha..

sedang berusaha menyelesaikan skripsi dan mengembangkan sebuah blog, soalnya bener-bener ngiri sama orang yang bisa bikin blog bagus, ga masalah walaupun cuma tulisa, foto, video atau apapun.. yang penting saya senang ^^

dan saya harap kalian semua senang..^^

about occieJeje, you know lah kalau saya sangat suka dengan yang berbau Kpop, terutama yang berbau DBSK, all about DBSK/JYJ.. hehehe..so, I wanna make this page for all DBSK/JYJ fans and for my greater and greater life..


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